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Data cleaning wizard and more from our Summer release

Our summer release is out, bringing lots of new functionality to Ledidi Core! Take a look at our newly implemented features, including the data cleaning wizard that facilitates smooooth imports!

Data cleaning… Not the most exciting task, but all too often necessary. So let’s do it in a smarter and more efficient way! Our latest release gives you a new and easier way to fix data errors and issues when importing files to Ledidi. No more bewildering around in messy excel sheets to tidy your data before import - now you can do the cleaning inside Core. Import - clean - go! Sweet!

This is how it works:

  1. Check that your excel file is prepared for import: The first row should contain the names of all the variables you want to import with now empty space between columns. Also, make sure there are no empty cells in your first row.

  2. Import your file.

  3. Ledidi Core automatically suggests the data type for each variable based on the content of the cells in each column. Go through the suggestions and change data type where desired (especially be aware that category values might be recognised as text (string) and should be changed to data type ‘category variable’ in situations where values are to be reported systematically and repeatedly).

  4. The dataset is imported, and the import wizard automatically detects cells that contain values that do not seem to fit the selected data type. These cells are marked in red, and you can go directly into the entry and correct the values.

  5. Voila! Your dataset is imported and ready to use! Start analysing, supplement with new entries, combine with other imported datasets, or share with collaborators. No messy dataset stopping you now!

PS: You can now import series into existing datasets as well :)

Watch the How to import a dataset video.

The summer release also includes the following new improvements:

Category value management

Enjoy more control and options when managing your fixed category values. Misspelt values? No worries, easily correct them. Or maybe different spellings of the same value snuck in during import? Merge them together with a few clicks and fixes. You can also give the values labels to represent them in fuller versions in the entry form. Check out your new options here or watch our

How to manage fixed values video.

Set a default status

Are you using statuses in your project? Now you can ensure all entries get a status from the first registration by defining a default status. You can also choose to update all “no status”-entries in a project to be assigned with the default status.

Project organisation

We introduce a new way of organising your project collaborators into groups replacing the old “centre” association. By giving you as the project owner complete control of defining the groups (or centres) in each project, you no longer have to rely on the workplace each collaborator has in their user profile to create centre affiliations for setting permissions to view, edit and analyse data on the centre level.

Transfer ownership of entries

Ownership of entries can now be transferred between collaborators in a project - applicable when a project collaborator leaves a project and a new collaborator takes their place.

Multiple aggregation rules for series

Have you tested out the Series-functionality we released earlier this year? Now we introduce more flexibility when creating aggregation rules for series, and you can add as many aggregation functions as you like.

So that was the short list of the summer release! We hope you have the time to log on and check it out yourself. And as always, we are more than happy to hear back from you if you want to let us know how you find our new solutions and what we should introduce next!

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We wish you a joyful summer filled with good moments with friends and family (and maybe some enjoyable data cleaning with Ledidi Core)!