Ledidi launches partnership programs!

We are happy to announce the launch of four partnership programs! Are you a potential Solution-, Referral-, Technology- or Strategic Partner? Let’s talk!

Ledidi now offers different partnership types for businesses that identify as global systems integrators, value-added resellers, managed service providers, technology- and solution vendors, independent software vendors, tech giants, top-tier consulting firms and more. But don’t get too caught up on labels; we are ready to be flexible and look forward to evolving and deepening our relationships over time.

Designed for collaboration

At Ledidi, we believe collaboration is the key to creating more value. This is a cornerstone of how we built Ledidi Core, and is also the founding principle for how we build and scale our partnership programs. Ledidi has great ambitions, and we only win if our customers and partners also win. Therefore, we are committed to enabling our partners by providing the training, support and collateral needed to make your partner journey as successful as possible.

Our goal is to bring value to our partners, so that we together can improve science around the globe.

Einar Martin Aandahl, CEO

Create value for the ecosystem

Our partnership program is created to expand and enhance the value proposition for all parts of Ledidi’s ecosystem. We know that Ledidi Core has the potential to enable scientific collaboration and outcomes for our customers, and we believe that the associated partner opportunity is significant. For example, we offer Solution Partners a competitive share of recurring revenues, as well as the opportunity for you to provide your own value-added services like integrations, migration, training and support as needed. Referral partners can earn a share of recurring revenues for reaching new customers in new markets and verticals. Technology partners can integrate Ledidi Core with or provide add-ons to Ledidi Core that solves new use cases for our shared customers. Strategic partners can collaborate on other shared interests to create mutual benefits for the participants in our ecosystem.

Please visit our Partnership-pages to learn more.

Join us on our journey!

We aim to become a leading platform for collaborative research, with a thriving ecosystem that works together to advance research. Ledidi Core already has users on every continent. However, we are only getting started, and hope to bring many partners with us on our journey.

Please reach out to Director of Partnerships Andreas Landsverk for any questions or inquiries about partnership opportunities for your business.

(PS: We will expand our Partnerships-team and recruit Partner Managers soon. Keep an eye out for advertised positions on our Vacancies page.)