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New Ledidi!

Welcome to our new internet home – and say hello to Ledidi Core!


We've been busy over the last few months working on a new look for our brand and design profile – both on the website and in our software. And now it’s here, ready to meet the world!

A new internet home

We’ve just moved into our new website – a digital home designed for receiving visitors. Still lots of rooms that need to be furnished and corners to decorate, but we believe we have built a home that allows us to grow and develop, and hopefully create meaningful relationships with both existing and potential Ledidi users.

New subscriptions

On our new website, you will be able to sign up for your Ledidi Core subscription online. We’ve introduced a new subscription called Ledidi Free, cause it’s…free! With Ledidi Free you can get started using Ledidi Core for no cost and with no obligations. And you can collaborate on one project with your Free subscription! So if you’re not already a Ledidi-user; sign up today and see what Ledidi is all about.

New design in Ledidi Core

Our software has also been given a facelift – both to match our new brand profile and to create an improved user experience. We are constantly improving the software, both by developing new functionality to cover more of the basic needs of a research project and to refine the user experience. Our main inspiration is always feedback from our users – so please don’t hesitate to send us a message to suggest improvements.

A new name

We used to call our software PRJCTS (a name some found hard to pronounce…), but now we call it Ledidi Core. We aim to make Ledidi Core the core tool for any researcher working with quantitative data. Core will also be the core in all Ledidi’s services. We’re currently developing supplementary packages of functionality that can be added to Core for projects with needs for special functionality. But for now – say hello to Ledidi Core!

And a new Logo

When Ledidi was founded in 2016, the cofounders were sure to give the company a fruity name to match the company’s ambitions. The company was named after the miracle berry Ledidi (Synsepalum dulcificum) that makes sour taste sweet. Now, the berry is well represented in our logo as well – that’s so sweet!