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Spring release - new functionality!

We have been working all winter on developing new functionality to make the Ledidi software even more useful and flexible - and now it's live! Take a look at the new features included in our spring release:

New functionality includes:


Want to reuse your variables? With templates you can save a variable set-up from one project and import it into new projects. The templates you create can be shared with collaborators or even globally among all Ledidi-users. Reuse means time saved and good work shared among bright minds!


Define different statuses to mark your entries according to their status. Statuses make it easy to keep an overview of how far a long an entry has come in a registration flow. Permissions among collaborators can be set according to statuses in the collaborator window.


New window! Here you can upload, store and view documents relevant for your projects, such as protocols, reports, ethical approvals etc. No need to have these documents spread around different files on your and your collaborators’ computers anymore!


We have expanded the list of different data types available when you set up your variables. New data types includes “Category multiple” – a data type that can be used in cases where more than one category may be checked of in the entry form, and “File or Image”, which make it possible to upload files or images belonging to an entry. Sweet!


Also notice that we have included a general Data Processing Agreement (DPA) in the “Create new project”-flow. For researchers working with personal data, this makes it easy to comply with GDPR-regulations, as personal data should not be processed without such an agreement in place between data controllers (you) and data processors (Ledidi). Projects that do not involve personal data do not need a DPA and can check of “no personal data” to proceed.

We hope you will enjoy the new functionality! Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need any guidance or support.