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Stay in control of your variables!

We know many of you work on projects with multiple variables to keep track of. Our newest release includes a new user-interface for managing variables and project design. Take on as many variables as you like without losing control!

Grid or list view

When we started creating Ledidi Core, we imagined it to be a tool for smaller projects and studies. As our users started to get on board, we quickly realized that you expect more. We’ve witnessed many of you have complicated projects going on, with hundreds, and even thousands, of variables to keep track of. No doubt we needed to find a better way to support working with these amounts of variables!

To make it easier and more user-friendly to work with variables, we’ve redesigned the workspace where you work on your project design. Variables can now be viewed both in a grid view and a list view, and you can search and sort variables and variable groups as you need. Now more scrolling to find the variable you’re looking for. Sweet!

Grid view
The Grid View
List View Variables
The List View

Improved 'dependencies'

Our latest release also includes more functionality to build dependencies between variables. Now numerical, categorical and date variables can all be used in dependencies. You can create dynamic visualisation of variables or selection of category values in your forms. Dependencies can be built with “Visibility” (when you would like to either show or hide a variable in the form dependent on the data in another variable), or with “Filtering” (in cases where you only want to show the relevant categorical values of a dependent variable). Complicated? Take a look at our help page to see how you set up dependencies.

A big thank you to all our engaged users who never stop contributing with feedback and advice on how we can improve. Your ambitious suggestions never stop to amaze and inspire us! And please: keep it coming - send us a message if there is anything you are missing or think could be improved in Ledidi Core. We’re gratefully listening!

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