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What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security system that verifies a user’s identity by requiring multiple credentials. Rather than just asking for a username and password, Ledidi’s MFA requires additional credentials, such as a code from Google Authenticator app.

Step 1

Install an Authenticator app on your phone.

The Authenticator App will generate a two-factor authentication codes on your phone that change and works even if you don’t have internet connection.

We recommend Google Authenticator. For iOS users, you can find it in AppStore, for Android users you can find it in Google Play.

Step 2

Scan the barcode

Now that you have the authenticator app installed on your phone, we need to link the Ledidi App so every time you open authenticator it generates a specific code used by Ledidi to sign you in. Scan the barcode below by using the authenticator app scanner.

Authenticator process
After scanning you will see above the title Ledidi and your username or email from Ledidi app.

Step 3

Use the barcode on every login

You are all set. Use the authenticator app when you login to Ledidi Core.