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Why choose PRJCTS for your organization?

PRJCTS was developed from the end user perspective, but also brings significant benefits for the organisation from management perspectives.

PRJCTS could benefit your organisation in multiple ways:

  • Avoid data security breaches and ensure secure storage, sharing and management of sensitive data throughout the entire workflow and across the organisation
  • Save costs by reducing the number of systems in the organisation and eliminating the need for local IT infrastructure and support
  • Manage and get a complete overview of the organisation’s registries and research projects running on the PRJCTS platform
  • Equip researchers with a user-friendly and efficient tool that increases research throughput and improve scientific quality


Keeping sensitive data secure in large organizations is a complex task. Data is often stored unorganized and on paper or in electronic spreadsheets in local or institutional hard drives, USB sticks and unauthorized or non-certified cloud services.

PRJCTS is the new way of handling data. It is both a powerful tool and a cloud-based platform for secure storage of sensitive data. End-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, audit logging and industry-leading technologies provide the highest level of data security.

PRJCTS also eliminates the need for transfer of raw data between applications, a critical point for potential security breaches. It includes all functionality needed end-to-end: Databases, definition of research forms, statistics and graphical data presentations. Participants’ access to the raw data can also be configured on a per user basis.

Save costs

As a cloud-based service there are no infrastructure or implementation costs for the customer. The intuitive interface enables the researchers, health professionals and other occupational groups to efficiently design their own projects and registries without technical support from local IT staff. The user-friendly interface also reduces the need for extensive education of new users. Ledidi provides 24/7 free support.

PRJCTS is an end-to-end tool that replaces traditional database- and registry solutions. Thereby it may reduce the cost of licenses of other software used in research, for registries and quantitative analytics.

Ledidi offers attractive deals for enterprises, organisations and academic institutions with site licenses that include all employees and organization members for a monthly or yearly fee.

Management module

A management module can be included in site licenses. This will enable your management to get a complete overview of all registries and research projects running on the PRJCTS platform and build custom dashboards and reports based on the metadata of each project.

Increase research activities

PRJCTS helps to improve the quality and increase the research activities in your organization. It is easy to design new projects and collect structured data, and both small clinical registries as well as large multicenter international research collaborations, can be set up by the user. The easy-to-use interface removes the many obstacles associated with traditional research workflow and analytic software. In addition, PRJCTS eliminates the numerous time-consuming data handling steps. The workflow becomes fast and efficient, optimising the use of research resources.

PRJCTS redefines research collaboration

Collaboration and secure data sharing are fundamental in clinical research. PRJCTS enables your organisation to engage in more high-value research collaborations. Research collaborations are established simply by adding members to a project and then assigning user privileges. International multicenter collaborations can be established within a completely secure environment, compliant with EU GDPR and US HIPAA regulations, and using state-of-the art technologies. All collaborators can take part in the different elements of the research process, from sampling data to running analyses and generating reports.

Clinical databases and continuous surveillance of quality measurements

Most if not all clinical departments collect structured data for quality or research purposes. PRJCTS is suited as a monitoring tool with user-defined forms and real-time monitoring. Data can easily be entered through the user-friendly interface by all participating employees. The easy-to-use statistical tools and intuitive graphical data presentation allow access to real-time results. PRJCTS enables efficient quality assurance by continuous monitoring of how the organisation, or a department, is performing. Dashboards are set up by the users without the need for super-users or help from IT-personnel.

If you would like to know more about how PRJCTS can benefit your organization or discuss terms for a site license, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@ledidi.no.