The intuitive tool to support research workflow

Ledidi Core is a collaborative end-to-end cloud solution that supports the entire workflow in research - from study design, data capture, statistical analysis to graphical presentation.

Key features of Ledidi Core

  • Store all your projects safely in one place
  • Avoid multiple versions of files with raw data spread across different locations
  • Import existing data sets
  • Create new projects or registries in minutes with complete control of the variables
  • Be independent of super users and the IT department - all you need is a browser
  • Design easy-to-use forms for entering data directly into the database
  • Filter and export raw data if needed
  • Analyze the data real-time with descriptive statistics and statistical tests with no need of restructuring raw data between analyses‚Äč
  • Present the data in graphs and tables
  • Collaborate with colleagues and share data - locally, between institutions and across borders
  • Sleep well knowing all valuable information and personal data are securely contained in a modern cloud solution compliant with both GDPR and HIPAA
Ledidi Core

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Study and register set-up

Study and register set-up

Ledidi Core enables you to set up your study or register without any need for programmers' help.

Through a user-friendly interface, you define all the variables you need.

Collaborate with colleagues  - next door or around the globe

Collaborate with colleagues - next door or around the globe

Ledidi Core is designed for collaboration throughout the entire workflow of a project. All collaborators can participate in defining variables, collecting data, and take part in the analytical process with real-time statistical analyses and graphical presentations.

Data capture
Data Capture

Data capture

Import existing datasets or build your study from scratch. Data capture through intuitive entry forms enables multiple collaborators to register data synchronously in the same dataset.

Integrated analytics

Integrated analytics

Your data is always ready to be analyzed with a rich repertoire of descriptive and comparative statistical analyses available. All analyses are performed in real-time with the data retrieved directly from the database.


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