Designed for collaboration

Ledidi Core is designed for research collaborations:

From small internal projects within a group to large international multi-center studies - Ledidi has you covered!


Ledidi Core allows all collaborators to take part in all stages of a research project. We believe this makes research collaborations more productive and satisfying for all parties.

  • Invite colleagues into your project
  • Collaborate on defining variables and designing entry forms
  • Enter or import data in the same register
  • Collaborate on analyzing the data
  • Store all project information and documentation in a shared project folder - accessible for all collaborators


Research collaborations across borders can be challenging to arrange because of strict and varying laws and regulations within different countries.

  • Ledidi Core is built to satisfy both EU/EEA and US laws and regulation on privacy.
  • Access to raw data and sensitive information about study participants can be restricted.
  • Privileges can be set so that the user has access to analyze the aggregated data in the complete dataset, but only edit and view the raw data containing personal data at the user or organization level.
  • Analysis can even be performed without any access to the raw data at all.
Control access

Control access

Each collaborator in a project can be assigned with different permissions to view and edit data based on their role in the project. This makes it easy to protect i.e. sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Invite new or existing users

Invite new or existing users

You can add both existing Ledidi users or invite new ones to collaborate on a project. New users can easily join in on a project by creating a Ledidi Free account.