Take control of your study set-up

Ledidi Core enables you to easily design and set up your database or registry. You have full control over variable definition, without assistance from programmers or IT-staff.


Set up your study, define all the variables you need, and order them the way you like.

  • No need for assistance from professional programmers to build the database for you study
  • Save time and money
  • Set up your study from scratch or create variables based on an imported dataset
  • Supported variables include categorical, numeric, date, text and file/image formats
Define all the variables you need in your study

Define all the variables you need in your study

Just give your variable a unique name and define the data type as category, number, date, text or file/image. The data is easily structured and ready for analysis.

Calculate variables

Calculate variables

New variables can be calculated based on other variables in your dataset - saves time when entering data and gives you the flexibility you need.

Reuse good study setups

Reuse good study setups

You can create templates from the setup in one project and import them into new projects. Reuse of variables saves time and supports standardization across studies and registries. And off course, you can share your templates with other Ledidi users - research is truly a collaborative sport!

Have a question about how you can design your study?

Our team has extensive research experience and loves discussing study design - send us an email!