Referral Partners

Do you know or have customers that could benefit from using Ledidi Core? Register as a Referral Partner and let us know! We are looking for customer-centric Referral Partners around the world with the ability to generate leads and influence buying decisions at healthcare organizations in your local markets.

Ledidi’s Referral Partnership program will provide you with the resources, training and assistance you require to grow your business by delivering our world-class solution for medical and clinical research, Ledidi Core

Your benefits as a
Referral Partner include:

  • Access to strategically important customers

    Ledidi Core has the potential to provide Partners with institutional- and enterprise-level customer relationships that could last for several years.

  • Commission on subscription revenue

    As Ledidi Core is subscription-based, you will earn up to 15 % commission on your customers’ subscription revenue.

  • Get access to resources, training and assistance

    We depend on your success, and are committed to making you the best Partner you can be. We will provide you with the sales- and marketing material, training and resources that you need.

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Please note: We are currently doing a Partner recruitment campaign until September 1st 2022, where approved partners will automatically qualify for the benefits unlocked at the Platinum Tier of our Partnership Programme. This means higher revenues faster for your business.