Data protection


Ledidi Core is designed to enable researchers to handle personal data from study participants in compliance with privacy laws and ethical standards.


Privacy by design aims at building privacy and data protection up front, into the design specifications and the system architecture, in order to facilitate compliance with privacy and data protection principles. These design measures are implemented to safeguard Personal Data and protect the Data Subjects´ Rights. Ledidi´s software solutions are designed for research projects that involve processing of Personal Data, and therefore have an uncompromisable approach to data privacy.

  • For storing and processing pseudonymized personal data, Ledidi is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • The raw data is encrypted end-to-end (in transit and at rest)
  • User authentication is secured by two-factor authentication.
  • Collaborators can be assigned privileges at a detailed level so that multicenter studies are truly collaborative, but at the same time individual raw data remain protected
  • The option for signing a project specific data processing agreement is available every time you create a new project
  • By default, all settings in Ledidi´s software solutions are set to the most restritictive settings to both minimize and limit the access to personal data to what is lawful and only strictly necessary.


Ledidi enables researchers to collect personal data in the same dataset without risking the privacy of study participants. One of the unique features of Ledidi´s solutions is how easy it is to set up complex collaborations with multiple partners that have different roles and require indivudiualized access levels. By nature, research collaborations require a particular focus on data privacy because the intention is to share data.

  • Permissions to view and edit raw data entered by other collaborators can be assigned for each collaborator.
  • Single variables can be marked as "restricted" and only to be viewed by collaborators with special permission.
  • Only the project owner can invite collaborators and assign the appropriate access level to Personal Data.
  • By combining access on a global hierarchal level (user/center/all data), functional privileges, access to individual variables and assigning roles based on user-defined parameters or data registration events provide a complete repertoire of tools necessary to set up even the most complex collaborative projects and be fully compliant with EU-GDPR and US-HIPAA regulations, institutional policies or other regional or national privacy laws and regulations


We care about the privacy of our users as well. Read our privacy policy to see what data we collect from our users and why.

  • We only collect data about you that is necessary to provide our services
  • We never sell personal data to third parties
  • We ensure the same level of privacy is obtained when we use service providers for user- and customer management purposes
  • We delete all personal data when you end your Ledidi subscription

Study participants should be ensured privacy and confidentiality when donating personal data for research purposes. And it should not be a headache for researchers to comply. That's why we always have privacy concerns at the top of our list when developing Ledidi software.