Ledidi awarded contract with South-Eastern Regional Health Authority of Norway (Helse Sør-Øst)

Ledidi has been awarded a contract with the South-Eastern Regional Health Authority of Norway that covers the delivery of the cloud-based platform Ledidi Core for research projects and clinical registries.

Ledidi Core is an end-to-end platform that combines study design, data capture, statistical analysis, and data visualisation capabilities, and is developed with a particular focus on fostering multi-centre collaborations between institutions nationally and internationally.

The South-Eastern Regional Health Authority is the largest of the four regional health authorities in Norway and provides specialist health services to 57% of the Norwegian population (3.1 million people). The regional health authority has a total workforce of 81,000 employees, and the agreement covers all of its hospitals, in addition to the five private hospitals that the regional health authority collaborates with.

"We hope Ledidi's software will be of great value to the researchers and clinicians. We are proud of the agreement and hope we can make a solid contribution towards research and patient care," says Dr. Einar Martin Aandahl, Co-Founder and CEO of Ledidi, who himself has a background as a medical doctor and researcher.

Rune Simensen, Director of Technology and e-health at the South-Eastern Regional Health Authority, is satisfied that the agreement with Ledidi has been formalised.

"The agreement is important when it comes to realising our ambitions of more efficient use of health data in research, and in the next phase, improvement of quality of care. Our researches will from now on have access to a modern platform that will be particularly valuable for national and international collaborations. It is also important for us to be able to leverage clinical data to support audit and quality improvement, in order to continuously provide better care to our patients," Simensen commented.

Ledidi's end-to-end platform that supports data capture, statistical analysis, and collaboration, will be made available to all hospitals that are part of the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, as well as the non-profit, private hospitals in the region.

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