Team up

Ledidi Core is tailor-made for research collaboration. Whether it is a small research project or a study spanning various institutions - this versatile platform covers all your needs.

As professional from the health and life science community, you know how challenging it can be to work and collaborate with data. You need a reliable and easy-to-use platform that lets you collect, structure, analyse and visualise data – and share findings – in a secure way.

  • Privacy-preserving data sharing
  • Access management with role-based access control
  • Collaborate across teams, departments and borders
  • Stay compliant with international data security frameworks

Make your work processes more productive. Invite colleagues into your projects.

Ledidi Core lets everyone collaborate on defining variables, designing entry forms and analysing data. Collaborators enter or import data in the same register. All project information and documentation is stored in a shared project folder accessible to all collaborators, if the project owner allows it.

You can add both existing Ledidi users or invite new ones. New users can easily join by creating a Ledidi account.

Collaborate at an international scale

Research collaborations across borders can be challenging due to strict privacy laws and regulations in many countries.

Ledidi Core is built specifically to comply with both EU/EEA and US laws and regulations on privacy.

Control access to data effectively

Access to raw and sensitive data on study participants can be restricted.

Privileges can be set so that the user has access to analyse all or parts of the study data. Access to edit and view the raw data containing personal information is set separately. Complete analysis can even be performed without any access to raw data.