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Ledidi about us
Ledidi is a Norwegian software company founded  in 2016 by two academic surgeons and three software engineers with extensive expertise in system architecture and cloud computing.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where the health and life science community collaborates on a global scale.

What unites the global health and life science community is the drive towards medical excellence. A pursuit to push the borders of medical discoveries even further.
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Our mission

We are driven by a strong belief in science and a passion for technology and innovation.

It is our mission to inspire, support and enable healthcare professionals and researchers in their quest for valuable insights. We remove the obstacles preventing productive collaboration on health data and make advanced scientific methods easy to use within a versatile and secure research environment.

Our values

Driven, pioneering, solid

At Ledidi we are fueled by an unyielding ambition to push boundaries and redefine the future of medical research. Our relentless drive compels us to enable medical researchers to strive for excellence, surpassing expectations to make meaningful impact on human health. 

Ledidi thrives on being at the forefront of innovation and facilitating breakthrough discoveries. With our clever approach and pioneering spirit, we inspire our users to challenge conventional thinking, uncover new insights, and pioneer novel solutions that have the potential to revolutionise medical research. Ledidi stands strong on a foundation of confidence and inclusivity.

We foster a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives are valued, ensuring a solid platform for teamwork and innovation. With a shared commitment to excellence, we build strong partnerships that drive sustainable progress in accelerating medical discoveries.

Our values

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