Data Capture

Seamless and user-friendly

Effortlessly collect structured data using drag-and-drop entry forms, import data from existing datasets/spreadsheets, or seamlessly integrate with other software through our API.

Ledidi is not just a platform. It is a vision of a better future where data can be transformed into action and impact for the benefit of all. That is why we have made it easy and intuitive to coordinate data capture from collaborators.

  • Import data with drag and drop
  • Supports Excel/CSV files
  • Add more entries by importing data to an existing project
  • Add more variables by importing data to an existing dataset
  • Import data from other systems with our API integration

Enter data directly

Based on the variables you define, entry forms are automatically created and you can start entering data. An intuitive user-interface lets you create separate entry forms for different parts of your study.

You can define and set statuses on your entries to follow how the registration is proceeding. Case report forms can be modified in minutes with user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality.

Perfect customisation

Create customised entry forms with additional subtitles, text elements and instructions.

This is useful when multiple collaborators need to register different data in the same entry form, or when data will be registered at different points in time.

Data Capture 1

Keep track

By defining and setting statuses on the entries, you can easily keep track of the progress in the registration phase. 

Entries can be sorted based on statuses in the dataset window and give you the overview you need.

Data Capture 2

API Integration

Ledidi Core’s API supports most integration scenarios such as import, export, update and delete. This enables Ledidi Core to be fully integrated in your data ecosystem.