Ledidi Trust Centre

One centralised resource centre for all necessary documentation, certificates, and information on our ways of working that might be necessary for securing approval of Ledidi Core within your organisation

Documents related to data privacy

Privacy policy

How we collect, use and share information about you when you visit our website, create an account, pay for services or otherwise interact with us

Cookie policy

How we collect and process information about visitors on the Ledidi website using cookie technology

Data flow diagram

Ledidi Core's data processes, data flows, data stores as well as interactions with other technology suppliers

Requirements and measures from EDPB

Comprehensive documentation covering supplementary measures aligned with recommendations from the European Data Protection Board

Compliance reports and certificates

Ledidi's ISO certificate

A set of five quality management systems standards by the International Organisation for Standardisation

HIPPA Compliance

Attestation report on our compliance with HIPPA issued by a certified, US-based public accounting firm

Compliance with NHS's security standards

Statement on Ledidi meeting the 10 National Data Guardian (NDG) standards for data security through self-assessment using the Data Security and Protection Toolkit

HL7 Overview

A guide to the Implementation of HL7 standards (global standards for transfer of health data between applications) with Ledidi Core

Technical documentation

General technical documentation

This document encloses detailed information on our information, security and technology architectures

AWS Documentation

Information on how we work with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our development process

A report on how our engineering and product teams work with product development and DevOps

Ledidi Core API

Are you currently an enterprise customer, and would like to request documentation on the Ledidi Core API? Please contact us.

Legal documentation

Terms of Service

The terms and conditions that apply to your use and access to Ledidi’s Services

Subscription Agreement

This Subscription Agreement governs your subscription and use of Ledidi´s paid services.

Data Processing Addendum

An agreement between The Customer or User as the “Data Controller” and Ledidi as the “Processor”

Customer Stories