Study Design

Set up your study, all by yourself

Design your registry or project effortlessly with our user-friendly interface. Define variables and build data capture forms with drag-and-drop, all without the necessity for IT experts or programmers. This streamlined process saves you time and resources, allowing you to concentrate on what matters.

Take control of your clinical studies and research projects.

  • Create variables, including calculated variables
  • Invite collaborators and assign privileges
  • Design forms for data capture
  • APIs are automatically defined for integrations if needed

Do it from scratch, or use an imported dataset

Define and organise all the variables you need.

Supported variables include categoric, numeric, date, duration, text and file/image formats.

Study Design 1

Too good to go? Reuse your templates

You can import templates from previous projects into new projects. Reuse of variables, or even complete study setup, saves time and supports standardisation across multiple studies and registries.

And of course, you can share your templates with other Ledidi users – research is truly a collaborative sport.

Study design 2 without frame