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Ledidi Core is a secure and seamless end-to-end software for health research and clinical registries.

Our SaaS platform empowers the global health and life science community to collaborate and conduct innovative research in real time, together.

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”Through our new collaboration with Ledidi, we are further reinforcing our emphasis on clinical registry data. With Ledidi’s unique collaborative and analytical capabilities, we are able to deliver real-time insights that will benefit Versius surgeons. The registry platform will also increase collaboration.”

Dr Mark Slack, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of CMR Surgical

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"The functionality that we could produce by the click of a button on the Ledidi Core platform was more than what we had managed to create ourselves in 4 years."

Dr. Nauman Butt, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, NHS Foundation Trust

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"We transitioned from regular excel spreadsheets onto the Ledidi platform with ease. The ability to give a member of the team his/her own privacy level helps to optimise for GDPR standards. Going forward, this is the platform where all our research database and statistical analysis would be done."

Olubukola Ayodele, Consultant Medical Oncologist and breast cancer clinical trials lead at University Hospitals Leichester

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"We are very satisfied, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, the platform is very clear and intuitive, which means that we have a good overview of all our clinical studies. Furthermore, I would say that the integrated statistics solution also simplifies much of the analysis during all phases of our projects."

Erland Hermansen, MD OS PhD, Medical director at Hofseth

"The Ledidi platform has been extremely useful for us and it has also helped us collaborate with wider teams. It is easy to use and the Ledidi team has been really helpful with all our questions. So far the platform has cut down a lot of the time consuming parts of audit work and I am still learning all the amazing things it can help with analysing the data!"

Gabriella, Breast Cancer Pharmacist at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Trust

"Really intuitive. Easy to input and clean data. The statistical analyses are easy to apply and make really high quality figures. Such a well thought out application which brings an end to Excel spreadsheets and difficult to use statistical analysis programmes."

Saoirse Dolly, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

“Our early impression of the platform is that it has a lot of functionalities that would take a number of years to develop internally. We see this tool as a significant enabler in analysing our own real-world data.”

Head of Pharmacy at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust