This Subscription Agreement governs your subscription and use of Ledidi´s paid services. By accepting this Agreement, you accept the terms in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If the use of our Services includes processing of personal data, you also accept the principles in our template Data Processing Agreement (DPA). A DPA will be entered for each project that includes personal data.

If you are accepting this Agreement on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you warrant that you have the authority to bind the entity and its affiliates to these terms and conditions.

This Agreement takes effect when you click an “I Consent” or “I Accept” checkbox or button presented with this Agreement.

This agreement was implemented on 10th September 2021.

1. Subscription

Subscribed Services are purchased as subscriptions for the terms stated in Ledidi’s online purchasing portal.

We offer our Services through different subscription plans, and the access to the Services depends on your type of subscription. Information about the different subscription plans is provided on our website.

Subscriptions for Services may be added during a subscription term according to the price list at the time the subscriptions are added. Any added subscriptions will terminate on the same date as the underlying subscriptions.

2. Subscription owner

Paid subscriptions may be managed by you or provided through a third party, i.e. your employer. The subscription owner is responsible for maintaining accurate billing information in the Ledidi application, including name, email and payment details. If the subscription owner is a legal entity it should include the name, email, telephone number and billing address of an authorized billing contact.

3. Subscription term

Paid subscriptions may be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. Subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of a term unless terminated.

4. Price and payment

The Fees payable for the Subscribed Services are set out in the price overview communicated by Ledidi on Ledidi’s Fees are exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities. You are responsible for paying all such taxes, levies, or duties. VAT will only be added to your purchase if the billing address associated with your Ledidi subscription or organisation is in Norway. 

Payment shall be made by use of credit card or via electronic money transfer (e.g., ACH). Ledidi is permitted to process such payment on the date of Ledidi’s invoice and any Renewal Service Term(s).

Payments of Fees are non-cancellable, and all payments are non-refundable. Payments must be made without set-offs, withholdings or deductions of any kind.

If the Subscription owner is an individual, the Subscription owner shall pay up-front by credit card for all annual/monthly Service Terms according to the ordering procedure when ordering a subscription.

If the Subscription owner is a legal entity, the Subscription owner shall pay all Fees up-front for each annual Service Terms within thirty (30) days after the Subscription owner receives each invoice (invoices are deemed received when Ledidi emails them to the Subscription owner’s designated billing contact); and all payments shall be in the currency denounced when signing up to the Subscribed Services.

Ledidi charges and collects in advance the fees for use of the Subscribed Services based on the Services subscribed to by the subscription owner.

5. Termination

You may terminate your subscription for any reason by failing to renew at the end of your term or by deleting your account.

6. Change of subscription plans

Ledidi reserves the right to make changes to the subscription plans offered at any time, which may include changes in functionality and features in each subscription plan, as well as the prices. Subscription owners will be informed of any changes affecting their paid subscriptions with at least one month's notice. Changes in subscription plans or prices will not take effect within a term.

7. Consequences of Non-Payment

If the Subscription owner fails to make any payments required under this Agreement, then in addition to any other rights Ledidi may have under this Agreement or applicable law.

  1. Ledidi may charge an interest penalty of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month on any outstanding balance under each delinquent invoice, or the maximum permitted by law (whichever is less);

  2. Ledidi will be entitled to recover its reasonable attorneys’ fees, other legal expenses (including expert witness fees and expenses on appeal) and other reasonable costs to collect such amounts; and

  3. Ledidi may temporarily suspend the Subscription owner’s access to the Service for up to ninety (90) days to pursue good faith negotiations before pursuing termination of the Agreement. The Subscription owner will continue to incur and owe all applicable Fees irrespective of any such Service suspension based on such the Subscription owner delinquency.
8. Reduction of the Subscription Fee

If one or more of Subscribed Services are inaccessible for more than 24 hours continuously during a period of one calendar month, and this is caused by errors in Ledidi’s environment, equipment or software, the Subscription owner can demand a proportional reduction of the subscription fee for the affected service for the relevant calendar month. Other circumstances, e.g. errors and inaccessibility caused by communication lines, third party software or platform providers (e.g. AWS), external elements or the Subscription owner or the users’ use, equipment or software cannot be used as a basis for requesting reduction of the subscription fee.