Accelerate your medical discoveries

Move faster and more seamlessly from raw data to results

Experience an all-in-one platform for your research projects, combining data capture, statistical analysis, and collaboration on a global scale in a secure research environment

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Manage research processes from start to finish

Collect, structure, analyse and visualise your research data in one secure and user-friendly platform.

Work together

Ledidi Core is designed for both smaller projects and larger multi-centre studies. Data can be captured at scale while adhering to various privacy laws and regulations. Users can also analyse and visualise aggregated data without access to sensitive patient personal data. 

Get real-time data and a powerful toolbox

With many built-in statistical models and data visualisation templates, Ledidi Core helps shorten time to insight significantly.

Share research data safely

Account administrators can customise and assign different permission levels to other colleagues and collaboration partners so everyone has access to the functions they need. Insights and graphs can be analysed without accessing sensitive, personal data. 

Key features

  • Built-in Statistical Analysis & Data Visualisation

    Your data is always ready to be analysed with a rich repertoire of descriptive and comparative statistical analyses available. All analyses are performed in real-time with the data retrieved directly from the database. 

  • Privacy Preserving Data Analysis

    All statistical tests can be run directly on the dataset in an easy-to-use interface. In fact, the user does not need to see the underlying, sensitive data. For more information on how we work with privacy and security, visit our Trust Centre.

  • Flexible access management

    Easily authenticate, authorize and audit access for your team, wider organisation and partners. Design roles with different access levels to control how, and with whom, the data and information from your projects is shared.

  • Data Import & Export

    Import datasets from existing spreadsheets can be done in seconds. After import has been completed, you can improve the quality of your database by using data cleaning tools in Ledidi Core. These tools will help you avoid multiple versions of the same data points with mismatching entities, making the data usable for analysis. 

  • API Integrations

    We also support API integrations with existing tools and databases in your ecosystem.