Data-driven Medical Device Registry

Ensure compliance with the latest EU Medical Device Regulation

Simplify medical device registry management with our user-friendly platform. Streamline the design and maintenance of your medical device registry management, and maximize the value extracted from your clinical data.

Use cases 2

Accurate data input, transfer and processing

Collect, structure, analyse and visualise your research data in one secure and user-friendly platform to help you digitise medical device registry processes.

Structured, reliable data fit for analysis

Ledidi Core is designed for both smaller projects and larger multi-centre studies. Data can be captured at scale while adhering to various privacy laws and regulations. Users can also analyse and visualise aggregated data without access to sensitive personal patient data.

Ensure compliance with new requirements

The EU-MDR requires medical device manufacturers to monitor the performance and safety of their devices using a Post Market Surveillance system to ensure continued compliance and safeguard patient safety.

Ensuring data privacy

With our analysis tool, clinicians can get summaries and graphical representations of aggregated patient-reported outcomes without accessing sensitive, personal data.

Key features

  • Privacy Preserving Data Sharing & Analysis

    All statistical tests can be run directly on the dataset in an easy-to-use interface. In fact, the user does not need to see the underlying, sensitive data.

  • Role-based Access Management

    Easily authenticate, authorize and audit access for your team, wider organisation and partners. Design roles with different access levels to control how, and with whom, the data and information from your projects is shared.

  • Metadata Management at scale

    Ledidi Core has a variety of built-in data management tools to help organisations achieve excellence in data handling capabilities as well process standardisation, operational efficiency, while promoting reusability, traceability and automation.

  • API Integrations

    We support API integrations with existing tools and databases in your ecosystem.