Security and Privacy

IT-security and privacy

We keep your data safe so you can concentrate on your work. The data is stored securely, but still easily accessible for those who are authorized.

Ledidi Core is developed with built-in security measures in all components of the solution's architecture with multiple layers of security. Ledidi uses security standards that satisfy most regional and local regulatory requirements, data privacy laws and regulations, including EU-GDPR and US-HIPAA rules for pseudonymized data.


Secure IT-architecture

Ledidi’s cloud solutions are based on the most secure global cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services) and use industry standards for encryption, multi factor authentication, logging, Virtual Private Network, backup, data restoration and prevention of attacks.


Designed to respect privacy for research participants


Data processing agreement

With our in-built data processing agreement as part of creating new projects, we ensure compliance with GDPR for all projects that include personal data.

Questions about how we secure your data?